Gladcomm Shows Strength in Asian Manufacturing Market

SEOUL, South Korea, June 4, 2018  — Gladcomm continues to be a world leader in the matching of Asian manufacturing with businesses around the globe. The company has a long history of bringing sides together to produce high-quality materials at low production costs.

For years, Gladcomm has worked with companies outsourcing work to Asian nations. Many of these businesses worked with manufacturers in ChinaTaiwan and Korea. Gladcomm was able to pair western companies and Asian manufacturers with the results of low-priced labor.

Currently, the price of Labor in China is increasing, and western companies are looking for alternatives. While Chinese manufacturers have seen costs rise, other Asian nations such as Vietnam have been ideal markets to begin networks.

“Vietnam is a country with cheap and abundant labor force which is experiencing more than 6% of the growth of its economy each year,” Gladcomm Director Steve Cho said. “Vietnam is one of the emerging countries with a population of over 90 million, and over 50% of their population is under their 30s. They have high-quality education and their close proximity to China puts them in an advantageous position in terms of utilizing Chinese manufacturing resources such as procurement of raw materials.”

Vietnam is not the only Asian country with available labor. The Philippins has long had connections with one of Asia’s leading manufacturers, Japan. This relationship has led to the Philippines having an infrastructure for developing and building products. Through Gladcomm’s resources, manufacturers in the Philippines can be connected with western companies looking to outsource their work.

Gladcomm is in a unique economic position currently. South Korea and North Korea are expected to begin an economic cooperation. This agreement will see thousands of manufacturing jobs open up in North Korea with the possibilities of cheap labor available to companies. The addition of jobs in North Korea will open up other cheap labor opportunities in Asia. The price of labor will be driven down once an economic agreement is reached between South Korea and North Korea. It will provide companies around the globe with cost saving labor.. 

 The future of western companies looking to outsource labor to Asia continues to be bright. With new options for businesses in the region, Gladcomm has the ability to build relationships and match companies with high-quality manufacturers

 About Gladcomm: Gladcomm is a Korean company specializing in turn-key manufacturing services. Gladcomm works on behalf of businesses to find the perfect factory to partner with. Gladcomm is a complete coordinating service that works to build strong bonds between western companies and Asian manufacturers.

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